Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Cavalry is coming-and they're on a (2 seater) BUS!

Our goose wasn't cooked but it was slowly roasting over an open fire of insufficient funds and lack of technical expertise(Unless you are from the local arts office/ arts council, in which case we are all highly trained publishers well versed in the technical and vagarious nature of publishing)

But many kind donations( and yesterday a single donation of €100) has given us a huge kick up the hole and technical help is on it's way (thanks Carol) More money still needed so please donate if you can, if not, buy the mag when it comes out, it'll probably become a collectors item, so think of it as an investment not only in your spiritual and artistic well being but also for your financial gratification. Issue one will hopefully go to print next week and be available to buy from this blog shortly after.

So The Bus Depot is all poetry a go-go, the adrenalin is back and the world better watch out, for a new beast is to be unleashed upon the poetry pond and by feck it's hungry!

Earth people we are open for business.The first ball is yet to be on it's way to the back of the net, but we are already eyeing up a hat-trick, with issues 2 and 3.We want submissions! We want you to send us your very best poetry, we want you to knock us dead, to make us a poem we cannot refuse.

In return we offer you nothing (no money , no free copy) but immortality.Future generations of poets will quake in awe and wonder when they realise that you were 'A Bus Poet'!

We already have a few fantastic and exciting poems lined up for issue two, so get cracking.We are learning as we go but will do our very best to reply as quickly as we can. There is NOTHING worse than waiting 6 months for a reply. If it's a rejection ,it's even more galling. So our aim is to be swift.
SIMULTANEOUS subs are okay BUT if your poem is accepted somewhere else quicker PLEASE , PLEASE, let us know IMMEDIATELY.

To submit email us (up to) four poems, both in the body of the email with all your details, and as an attachment with no identifying info to ,
Be sure and put 'Submissions' in the title.

This mag will only be as great as the poems it receives, it's future is in your minds. Good luck, and may the muse be with you.


  1. TFE, this morning, I posted the following message on the Stinging Fly. I hope you don't mind:

    Through your genius, this phenomenon, endearingly known as The Poetry Bus, has gathered together the minds and hearts of poets from around the globe ...from ALL walks of life!... in a way that both inspires and enlightens the consciousness of humanity. And that is what makes this project divine. Yes, divine, for even if one is an atheist, one cannot deny the metaphysical force of this project, all through the creative energy and devotion of its host, Mr. 'Ozy'/TFE, himself.

    Hope it helps the cause!

    Take care, Jeanne

  2. short on poetry brain lately, keep getting stuck in writing ten minute long cowboy ballads!... however, if you need any artwork doing, can ask the ronald politely for you!.. take nice deep breffs now :-D

  3. Have to say, a Verification Word issue seems pressing. What a marvellous collection this prompt inspired...

  4. How long to wait for first issue? ;)

  5. Not long now, anonymous.Final twiddle and tweeks before printing.

    It will be worth the wait!!

  6. Speaking of contributions (count me in!), will we have our Blog address footnoted where/when contributions are printed?

    (At the very least, include the Poetry Bus URL)

  7. Hi Eric, all contributors will have a short bio paragraph at the back of the mag where they can say whatever they like about themselves and can add contact info including blogs etc.