Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hot off the press, make your life a little bit better, a little bit brighter, put some oomph into your eyeballs get on The Bus!

Cast in order of appearance

George Szirtes...When Night Falls It Will Be Orderly
Chris Alba... Your Name Is Good
Aoife Mannix...Fibonacci
Aoife Mannix...Eyjafjallajoekull
Morgan Downie... shoreline
Morgan Downie...a lazurus
Mags Treanor...Charity
Kat Mortensen...Reactance(surviving Sylvia)
Rachel Fox...Home is Where
Emer Fallon (Featured Poet)... Five Poems...
A Bracelet Of Days
The Singular Cloak
Nancy Uhrhammer... My Hometown
Saint James Harris Wood...To Destroy Your Letters
Saint James Harris Wood...Hopefully (A comet will Kill Me)
Zachary Monroe Costello Wood...On Stealing Food
Pat Thistlethwaite...Missa Solemnis
Kate Dempsey...Crew
Jack Hayes...Union Pacific #1
Peter Goulding...10D
PJ Nolan...Precaution
PJ Nolan...Slaughterer
Carol Boland...The Final Battle
Fred Johnston and Rody Gorman...métamorphose
Hilary Wakeman...Dog (Cenarth Wales)
John Wakeman...Sentimental Song
Karen Nowviskie...I want to
Jane Moss...These Words
Jeanne Lakatos...Dixit Dominus
The Watercats...Mind Of A Magpie
JoAnne McKay...Rejoice
Evie Shockley...truth in advertising
Colm Keegan...Black Hole Head McFlinty
Barbara Smith...Specular Effect
Liz Gallaghe...For God's Sake (And One For My Baby)
Nuala Ní Chonchuír...Domestic Slave, Sweeping Up
Colm Keegan...Chalks
Triona Walsh...Return
Triona Walsh...WeirCafé Monday
Maggie O'Dwyer...Waiting
Tess Kincaid...Last Night I Dreamt I Went Mandalay Again
Terresa Wellborn...Water Spots
Stephen James Smith...To The Death Of Romance
Heather Martin...Come Fly With Me
Niamh Bagnell...Maybe The Night
Domimic Rivron...After The Rain
Dominic Rivron...One Day

You are going to LOVE these poems.Illustrations too by Susan Sanford, SCALDER, Ron Batteson,Joyce Little and full colour gloss centre page pul- out print by Colm Keegan.

ALL this for €5!! Yes, we are mad, mad about poetry, mad about accessibility, mad about inclusivity. Poetry of the people, by the people, for the people. Join us!


  1. It really does serve me right for not taking you seriously! You frequently come up with such mad cap ideas, so it's all your fault! That and the fact that I haven't blogged anywhere near as much as I should have, so I've lost touch.

    But ... IT'S HERE!!! I've got my order in and I can't wait to see your first edition. I'd write something for the next one but, as you know, I can't write poetry for shite!!!

  2. What a line-up! Supreme! Diana Ross!
    I've ordered!
    What do we do if we want more than two?

  3. Ok. Have put through my order twice, to add up to the amount of copies I wanted.
    Now .....where is it??

  4. Thanks Lesser Weavil, glad you don't take me seriously, I don't either!
    The Magazine is winging it's way to you as we speak.I hope you love it, I think you will!

  5. Thanks Titus, your mags are also flying through the night as we speak (virtually)
    I've amended the pay now button for orders up to 5.
    If you want more than 5 , let me know, I'd be only too delighted to help!But now I must stop in the name of love.

  6. Pure Fiction as I type this I am busy parcelling up your order with my prehensile feet. They (the magazines, not my feet, I need them for walking and sewing)will be Kerry bound in the misty morning light.

  7. Well done, P. It looks great. All your hard work worthwhile!

  8. Thanks a million Rachel,it did nearly kill me!

  9. TFE: technical Poetry Bus question. Are our weekly PB poems automatically counted as "submissions" for Issue 2, or do we have submit separately?

  10. It's an awful lot easier if any submissions could be emailed please Titus to thepoetrybusmag@gmail.com
    I'd hate to miss anything! And thanks for asking!