Thursday, November 18, 2010

Launch Night !

The Poetry Bus Mag launched last Monday week in The International Bar in Dublin and was a great night, probably mainly because I wasn't there! I got ill and missed it.Doh! But by the magic of the interwireless I and you can watch the whole sheboodle right here (Below)

There is some terrific stuff on there so have a rummage! It was run as part of The Glór sessions which are on every Mon night and you can watch them live at this address every week, so tune in and say hello (I'll be there online) and witness a great nights entertainment all run by the inspirational Mr Stephen James Smith.

And congratulations to all these bus poets whose fame and fortune has increased no end since I helped them get on the bus.
Colm Keegan (Uiscebot) couldn't even speak till he joined the bus,so thanks to me he is now All Ireland Poetry SlamChampion.
Kate Dempsey (Emerging Writer) is in the latest Magma , thanks to me,after being spotted on the backseat of the bus.
Niamh Bagnell (Various) has a short story in the latest Stinging Fly, again thanks to me and the bus.
Mags Treanor (Arsekick) has a poem in my (2nd) favourite poetry mag in the world The SHOp and Mags couldn't write at all before she was published and nurtured by myself and the poetry bus.
Bus poets St James Harris Wood and his son Zak are also in The SHOp as is bus poet and TS Eliot prizewinner George Szirtes who owes the success of his entire literary career to me.
Triona Walsh (Domestic Oubliette) is pregnant (congratulations), but that has absolutley nothing to do with me, or the bus, at all..

Incidentally Colm, Kate,Niamh and Mags all read on the launch night, as did fellow bus poets PJ Nolan and Carol Boland. So many thanks to them, they were brilliant.

Also The Poetry Library in London have ordered a copy of the first issue of The Poetry Bus Mag and want to subscribe to further issues. Which is great news.

The vids below stick a bit, apologos.


  1. I got my snail mail copy of the Poetry Bus today! Yea! And I was very happy to see that (as a supporter) I now live in Los Angeles, and not swampy Louisiana (abbreviated LA). LOL! It's fabulous!!!!

  2. Delighted it arrived, and even more delighted that you think it fabulous!
    Hope you like living in LA, where would you like to go for the next issue!