Friday, May 27, 2011

Money. PANIC. Money. PANIC. Poney. MANIC

Only 19 days to go and although we have raised half the money, there's still a way to go. If you have already pledged thank you so much and please ask family and friends to do the same, and if you haven't pledged yet then I urge you to do so.If we don't meet the € 900 target we fail and get nothing.

If you help us meet this target, apart from keeping the mag going so more poets can be published, you will be getting a fantastic issue full of great poems ,world class illustrations, an audio CD of the poets reading their work, and a bonus track- 'The Tune' - by singing/ songwriting legend Martin Egan. All that can be yours delivered to your door for only € 8. If you have any interest in contemporary poetry or illustration you are in for a treat! Please go to

Also please check you follow the instructions, some people think they have pledged but haven't competed. If your name does not appear on the list of funders at the site then you have not pledged successfully, please try again, fundit assure me there is no possibilty of being charged twice. Every euro is desperately needed.

Here's the steps- Once you have registered to create an account with fundit you can pledge by following these six simple steps:

1. From the home page or the project details page, click on the ":fund:it" button
2. on this page, select the reward preferred, or enter an amount and choose a reward
3. enter payment details and check box to agree with T&Cs
4. click on ":fund:it"
5. A confirmation page will open to say describe your choices
6. click on :fund:it again on this page and you will have made your pledge at this stage (a thankyou page will appear)
that's it !!

Come on people GET ABOARD!!


  1. I jumped on! Hold tight, hold your nerve. It'll get there.

  2. God bless pay day and God save Titus!

  3. You've done it! You've bloody done it!!

  4. I'm aboard also. And I haven't an Irish bone in my body.

  5. THanks Chris! I'll send you an Irish bone!