Sunday, May 1, 2011

PB 2 under construction

PB2 is being bolted together by a team of goat herders/poetry magazine boffins in a moonlit shed at a secret location deep in The Wicklow Hills. There is much steam, swearing and drinking but magic is also happening.

All Poetry Buses will now have a FREE CD of the poems being read.(And for PB2 a special bonus song by Martin Egan too)
The list of poets in PB2 will be released shortly but it is a stellar and eclectic line-up! Poetry is a broad church and The Bus has seats for all beliefs.

Artwork is courtesy of Adam Neate, Padhraig Nolan (AKA Scalder) , Una Gildea , Kevin McSherry and Benjamin Robinson.

We have no establishment funding but the incredibly supportive generosity of spirit and effort from of all the poets and artists more than compensates for this.
The Poetry Bus is different, the day it is wholly accepted is the day it crashes. In keeping with this alternative ethos we embrace a different way of funding, crowd funding. The newly launched promoters /facilitators of crowd funding in Ireland are and they have approved our initial application so we hope to get the appeal launched soon.

Watch this space!


  1. feckin great news lads! Love the c.d idea, maybe the watercats can donate a song next time? :-)
    think this is a great thing.. also, check out the mutant art space group/blog. It's an alternative collective of people, providing various art related expertise etc.. think they organise the spoken word stuff in cork that s.j.smith is involved with??.. can't be hundred percent sure of course.. with my track record of fact and detail.. MORE POWER TO YER ELBOW! ROCK ON!... VIVA LA POETRY VEHICLE MON DE PLUME...

  2. Thanks Watercats!! Great to have your support, all help much needed and appreciated!