Monday, September 12, 2011


And they are looking pretty good! For €8 you will get 48 poems 2 songs ( Martin Egan living singer songwriting legend, and new band The Souterrain) full colour front and back cover and nude centrefold by one of the world's greatest street/conceptual artists Adam Neate, full colour illustrations by Padhraig Nolan and Una gildea of The Illustrators Guild of Ireland, two amazing B/W illustrations by another guild member Kevin McSherry, and The Project Twins, plus loads of pencil sketches by Kevin and a full colour illo by The Project Twins and another by Benjamin Robinson, PLUS a FREE CD of the poets reading their work all including packaging and posting to your front door anywhere in the world !

The poets are:

Sarah Clancy...Twenty Bus Journeys

Anne Tannam...Parallel Universe

Tom Sheehan...Behind the Retina

Louise Hegarty...The Number Eight

Marjorie Salem...654 Milford Point Road

Colm Keegan...Fridays (For Daniel)

Brenda Cusack...The Unnameable

Karl Parkinson......In Rios Nightclub

Miriam Needham...In Need

Dave Lordan...Christine

Saint James Harris Wood...Gambling on The Sun

Kate Dempsey...Painted Yellow Line

Rachel Fox...Observing

JoAnne McKaye...So I Breathe

Debbie Newman Amenyo.... Living With Mania

Tom Sheehan....Korean Echoes

Kat Mortensen...Relativity

Mel O'Dea...Love

Kerrie O'Brien....Drifting

Padhraig Nolan...Stella

Richard Halperin....Circus (For Raymond)

Rosy Wilson....Alone On A Holiday Weekend

Padhraig Nolan...Noon

Michèle Vassal....Under The Dog Star

Karen Nowviskie...Summer Night

Padhraig Nolan....Slipping The Casework

Paul Keenan...Missing Tarasi

Martin Swords...Breakfast For One

Colm Scully....Like A Hat

Benjamin Robinson...Have You Seen My Trousers Anywhere?

Richard Epstein ....Newsbreak

David Murphy ....Drumcondra April 2010

Phil Lynch....Street Prayer

Kevin Higgins.... You Are The Nation's Conscience Awake

Lesley Carty....Tara, Maedbh Speaks

Noel King...Where Fairies Gather

Arthur Broomfield.... Boy Meets Tractor

Kevin Higgins...Blue

Liz Gallagher....Stuffing Our Faces With Gods

Sarah Maria Griffin...Electric Picnic parts one and two

Karl Parkinson...Death Cuts Down The Flowers

Martin Egan...The Tune

Liam Ryan...Homings

Sarah Maria Griffin...Francis Bacon's Portrait of Isabel Rawsthorne 1967 or please get that girl out of my house

Kit Fryatt...She Confesses Her Love

Conor O'Reilly...An Alley

Jessie Lendennie...4th August 2011

Stephen James Smith...On The Bus

So what are you waiting for?? Buy Buy Buy, bye bye!

PS Launch tonight at 8.30 pm The International Bar Wicklow Street Dubland as part of The Glór Sessions. Come along whydoncha?


  1. Who is Saint James Harris Wood? I want to get to know this person. Are they still alive?

    And who is JoAnne McKaye? Extra marks for the capital 'A', but the 'e' at the end?
    I bet no one knows how to pronounce it either.

    Nit-picking apart, how exciting is this?! What a line-up.

  2. Saw a little of the Glor and wish I could have seen it all. I can't wait to get the magazine in my hands and breathe in that art and literature!

  3. I'm not listed! What happened, Peadar? Congrats on another achievement, too!

  4. Saint James is a brilliant poet, Titus, with about 9 years left to serve in a Californian penal colony for bank robbery. He loves getting mail, I'll send his address!

  5. Thanks Karen and keep an eye on the post, there's a Bus in it!