Saturday, June 23, 2012


PB4 is shaping up to be the best issue yet. We have been INUNDATED with poems since PB was put on the Duotrope site and must (temporarily) close submissions to catch up and also to put PB4 on the road.The good thing about all this is all the new poets getting aboard, many of them first timers.
The bad news and the other side of the same coin is the rejections.

None of them were easy,(if anything the more we do the harder it gets) some were really tough.There is only limited space and often it is a case of what fits the issue best style wise.So keep going,keep writing, try lots of mags, don't give up!

The stunning front cover is by Italian artist Sarah Wendy Oliva, the inside is a closely guarded secret, for now!But expect great poetry, cutting edge illustration and some musical surprizes!

The next step is to go to and see if the peoples goodwill and support can fuel this bus again. There is a kind of community feel to this project and although it terrifies me I like the notion that this mag is people funded and if the people don't want it, then it simply won't happen!
Maybe that's the way it should be. It keeps us on our toes to be different, ever evolving,accessible, and above all interesting!

'Every action has an equal and opposite reaction' PB is still on the outside looking in.WATCH THIS SPACE!

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