Monday, August 13, 2012

PB4 Needs HELP!!

PB4 needs funding please help by ordering an advance copy for only €10 (other options available!)
The mag will be @ 90 pages PERFECT BOUND (at last, hopefully!) of poems and illustrations, reviews, articles, cartoon (s) and a FREE audio CD of some of the poets reading PLUS some exquisite music tracks  including , well I can't say yet!! There will be famous poets and NEW DISCOVERIES! There's wonderful Art from Ireland, England, Italy (gorgeous front cover copyright Sara Wendy Oliva) Switzerland and Russia!

  This will be the very best issue so far, I am very excited, particularly for the new names getting aboard.But this is a magazine of the people, by the people, for the people.So it's up to YOU.If you want the mag to exist then please help and tell every friend, relative, neighbour, stranger that you meet on the street.We have only 13 days to raise €1950.
An ambitious target but one we have to go for to progress and raise quality. If there is no PB4 there will be no PB5 PB6 etc etc.etc We have 13 days to make or break.I pray we make it!

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