Monday, March 11, 2013

PB4's flying from the shed across the globe.

 I am a fat mean posting machine! The shed is FULL of magazines, envelopes,tea, sellotape, stickers,ink pads, whiskey, stamps,biscuits,CDs,customs forms, strong ale,Ltd edition prints, PB2s, PB4s,addresses, and swearing.If I had more hair, I'd be tempted to pull it out.
It is incredibly time consuming actually physically getting a mag into the post but also the most satisfying fun you can have this side of sneezing, I LOVE it! I'm sorry that the process is slow, specially if you are still eagerly awaiting your copy of PB4.
But I'm in a groove now and I'm flying through them like a Henry Ford production line and will be finished in a day or two. Something amazing like one of these little beauties below will be coming to a letterbox near you SOON! Watch the skies!

And if you haven't ordered one I'd like a written explanation and a Doctor's note. Thank you.

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