Monday, May 24, 2010

The wheels on the bus mag go round and round

Things are running on apace here at PBM headquarters.Kosmo is working hard on the finances and apparently we have had €65 pledged already (on the cheeky blog 'Donate' button) which is quite amazing as I didn't think we would really get any money.It's also really encouraging, gives us a morale boost as well as a financial one. So many thanks indeed. All donors will get a mention in the mag. (unless they choose anonymity)

Elsewhere the talented artist/poet/critic Padhraig Nolan is busy doing a couple of illustrations specially for two of the poems as is the other talented artist/graphic designer and creator of the front cover, Susan Sanford. There will also be a poem that comes with a ready made and fab illustration by yet another talented artist, Joyce little. It's hard to believe how jam-packed full of goodness this little mag is going to be and at a bargain price too. We're trying to give you all this plus poems by 30 + great poets for just €5/$6.25/£4.29.(plus P+P) That's less than anything that costs more.

The three editors are busy finalizing the selection of poems and they are looking GOOD!(the poems that is, not the editors, who are all very ugly) They will have to be sorted out into page order and layout. (Again, the poems, not the editors, though Lord knows they do need sorting out.)

Will post a list of the final line-up of poets soon.

PS.The first print run of magazines wil also include a FREE limited edition full colour pullout print by Colm Keegan.

That's all for now. Forget the four horsemen of the apocalypse, The Bus is coming.


  1. Just wondering if we got the PayPal thing straightened out. Haven't checked my email yet to see if PayPal accepted my request to change the donation to the right address. Guess I'll go do that now.
    Can't wait.
    I expect you're going to get more donations. It's a great cause and fun to be part of the opening of anything poetic, eh?

  2. One cheeky suggestion Mr. TFE. I hope you'll add on a bit of money for postage of the new mag. Or can you do it so people can pay you for a digital download that they could print out themselves? Blimey, if you can buy and download books for money on line, then maybe there's a way to figure out how to do the same for the Fab Mag! Or maybe it's a great enough start with a real book for fans to purchase from you! Cheers!

  3. can't wait! can ask the ronald if he wants to contribute some art if you like?.. can't wait!
    *squeels and jiggles in chair :-)

  4. This is going to be some magazine. I love the real independents!

  5. P.S. What a ride this week. Brilliant!

  6. All the comments have disappeared !? But thanks for them anyway and who knows they may turn up again. Blogland is a mysterious place.

  7. I'm sure it is going to be a collectors item, can't wait to see the result of all your hard work.
    much love

  8. Now they're back again!

    Thanks a million Enchanted Oak.

    Oops! Yes good point Jane. We left that bit out by mistake.Have rectified it now.Phew!

    And the downloadable thing might be an option to look into but there will always be a hard copy, there's nothing like it.

    Thanks Watercats!

    Thanks Titus!

  9. Yay! Now I have to grow up and get a PayPal account. Never have done that, but I'll figure it out!

  10. How did I miss this post? The illustrations sound brilliant. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  11. Love the idea. Two questions though. 1) When I come to the U.K (N. Ireland to be specific) where can I pick up a copy and 2) can I get a subscription (I will be living in South America so getting to the U.K. to buy a copy might be a bit tricky)

  12. Dear desertcat, do not worry! You will be able to buy the first issue (soon to be launched)via a paypal button on this poetrybusmag blogpage. It will then be posted to you.How cool is that? Subscriptions will (hopefully be available shortly after.Thanks for your questions and we hope you come back to get yer mitts (or paws) on the first spectacular edition.