Thursday, July 21, 2011

Would Ya believe it?!

The Poitin is working, little green men from Mars are now red and STOP means only 'take it handy now' The tin roofed bus yard is aglow with feverish enterprise!Bees are not as busy as me! If my liver holds out this Thunderbird will be GO! I've chosen the opening and closing poems and guess what? They both have the word 'Bus' in their titles! Diesel fuelled synchronicity or what? Do not be purely afraid, be excited with a tinge of apprehension that lets you know you're alive! PB2 is on it's way!!


  1. "Bus" on its own, or as part of another word?

    Very excited! Woo hoo!

  2. Bus on it's own but as part of the title, if that makes any sense Kato!

    Please do be very excited!

  3. Looks a grand effort!
    Are you still reading submissions?

  4. Sending love and excellent wishes!

  5. Looking for Christmas stuff Chuck !