Monday, November 14, 2011

Bloody Hell, we're off!

The fundit campaign is underway and by mistake I opted for 7 days, one of which seems to have disappeared already, instead of 14 0r 21. Yikes! So PLEASE get over to
and pledge if you can.It would be fantastic if we could make our €1050 target in such a short space of time, miss it and we get nothing and I haven't got a plan B! But we are off to a great start of (at the moment 13 pledges and €330 which in these tough times is quite an amazing show of support and generosity. THANK YOU!!

There is some FANTASTIC stuff in PB3. Roddy Doyle's poetry dialogue(not for the faint hearted) is worth €10 on its own. The music is gorgeous, wait till you hear RiĆ³na Sally Hartman and then The Watercats.

The poetry is amazeballs on the CD and on the page, and the artwork is fantesticles!
Sally Diamond's cover is deadly. ADW's image powerful, Kevin McSherry's sketch witty, The Project Twins so clever, David Rooney re-does The Beatles, Elena Duff goes scary! And Padhraig Nolan and Una Gildea and Crona Gallagher have fab stuff too!There are limited edition special copies (150) if you want one with an extra poem and illustration signed and numbered by the editor.

So many great poems and poets in this issue, so many diverse themes and ideas. It is the best PB so far, it might be the best one ever! But we need the money to print it. So please spread the word and see if we can get this Bus on the road. Yabba Dabba Diesel!


  1. So many of my favourite poets! It's even the right time of the month!