Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bus on the prowl!

PB3 is ready to be unleashed on the world ! Seventy-five A4 sized pages of astonishing poetry and illustration plus a mind blowingly incredible CD of poems and music, all packaged in hard backed envelope and posted to anywhere in the world for €10.

There are also signed (by The Editor) and numbered Limited edition copies of PB3 available with extra poem and illustration by Stephen James Smith.
Total edition of 150. Cost? €15 . Value? Priceless! Future worth? Immeasurable. Plus you'll be helping ensure the future of The Poetry Bus for at least one more issue as we remain unfunded by any establishment body and are starting to revel in the fact that we are surviving against the odds and purely with the good will of the people.

ISSUE ONE SOLD OUT ! (Nearly)I have only 3 copies of the collectors item (A5 sized) first issue left, if anyone wants to buy one let me know!


  1. Unleash the Beast!

    Hussars and congratulations.

  2. Looking forward to taking the bus around and picking up some new passengers! Great work, Peadar!

  3. THanks Doug. And thanks for the beaurtiful illustrations!

  4. I like the idea of a poetry bus. When i was homeless I'd ride the bus quite a bit, and it was a great place to write. Please allow me to impose with my bus poem

    I Am the Bus

    I am the bus
    In this poem.
    It is down to that,
    A conveyance.

    Are you already
    Guessing the metaphor?
    Are you already teasing
    The punchline?

    No, you are wrong.
    For in this poem
    I am the bus,
    Making all my stops.

    I like the bus. Because someone else drives.