Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There's a Bus on the radio!

Those nice people from RTE's Arena show asked me on to talk about the magazine and I was delighted! What a great boost for The Bus. I don't know how it went as I couldn't do the show and listen to it at the same time.Family say it went well but you can't trust them! I'll put a link to the podcast/playback when it goes up. Unless I did really badly in which case I'll delete all mention of it.
Sean Rocks was great as were producers Nuala and Jacqui, very helpful and kind. I hope the message spreads and we gather momentum and get the work of the poets, artists and musicians 'out there' among the people where it belongs. Spread the words peeps! Also buy buy buy bye bye!

And here it is already! Arena

I'm off to have a listen!


  1. Yay! Can't find the link though...

    And where's my PB3!? It has not plopped through my letterbox yet.

  2. Fear ye not Titus minimus! I will sort that out!

  3. Love it Peadar, listening now. Well done

  4. Ah, but sure ye never forget your first time!

  5. hope not! and you never forget your last either!! :-)